7 months!

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, My Jacob at 6+ months laying next to his newborn onesie :0 I can’t believe how seriously fast he has grown, it’s amazing, they grow everyday, his nails grow everyday, from one day to the next his pants are short or onesies are snug.  And now in two days he will be 7 months! I just cleaned up his room and had to make room for clothes he’s now wearing, I put away all of his 6 month outfits, It makes me sad but of course I’m happy he’s growing so fast, I guess that just comes from knowing how fast he will grow up.  Toys as well are going to have to transition, like his activity play mat, now he roles and roles and spuirms like a little worm everywhere, I know in a few weeks he will start to crawl, that is going to be interesting! I am in no hurry for him to crawl 🙂  He already keeps me busy I can’t imagine when he’s crawling, we are getting a walker this weekend!

As you can see I was pushing it with the pants he’s wearing in this pic… haha- I put them in the storage box today!  That rubbermaid container is full now btw :0  He is so long and skinny- Jason and I both have long legs so we knew he would too.  I just took this one day when I was going to put stuff in that box, I pulled this out and had to take a picture right then- so this is my boy in his mis matched lounge wear 🙂

I’m pretty sure he wore this in his first few days of life… So cute.



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