The most important thing in my life is family.  I grew up in a big family that has always been close and stuck together.  The love and light of  children and family is beautiful.  I love to make memories and capture them, since I can remember I have always loved to take photos.  It brings me joy to capture others making their memories, knowing they will have them forever is awesome and I love it.  I would love to connect with you about what I can help you capture.

Nicole Enjoli are two names.  Nicole is my first name- it’s blah, boring, and common. Enjoli pronounced- on-jo-lee-  is my middle name- It’s unique, different, and I like it.  So since I have never been a fan of my first name, I decided to go by Nicole Enjoli when I wanted to name my jewelry in 1999 …omg so many years ago!  I fused the two to make one name by taking out one of the E’s and making it Nicolenjoli.  My mother and my grandmother (on my dads side) both claim they named me Enjoli, I will never know, but what I do know is that it’s a french name and back in the day, there was a perfume named Enjoli and this is where it came from.  You can still buy it at rite aid, I don’t have it but I know your dying to run out right now and get yourself one:)

I was born and raised in Southern California, Los Angeles.  I love my big crazy family and all of our friends.  I am married to my husband in June of 2009, we have been together since 2003, we met in high school but didn’t become friends until after and didn’t date until much after.  He has been my best friend, he supports everything I do, I am a lucky girl to have such a loving husband.

I am a new mom to two beautiful children, a boy and girl.  They are our everything, there are no words to describe what they mean to us.  I love being a mother, I loved it from pregnancy, I was very lucky to have an enjoyable pregnancy, and such good babies!  My son really is a sweet boy, he is always observing quietly, kind of like his mom 🙂  He can get silly too, and of course he has his fussy moments but they are few and far between.  As for our daughter she is the sweetest and happiest little baby… Everyone tried to scare me by saying I couldn’t have two great babies but she is even easier than her brother was!!  She is just always a joy to be around, always smiling with beautiful eyes,  such a loveable and beautiful baby, I really lucked out being blessed with two amazing and healthy children, we are so thankful!

Im a Taurus…….

Taurus are known for their dependability, comfortable attitudes, and endurance. They are attracted to beautiful things and the finer things in life. Taurus are very generous, practical, and are artistically creative by nature. A Taurus may well be the most patient personality of all the zodiac signs because they are very well grounded. They like to take their time in making decisions. A Taurus gives sound, practical advice to friends, but can also be misunderstood as non-communicative. Taurus are very patient, strong, creative, sincere, loyal, and they have strong common sense.
Im a Ram………
People born in the year of Ram are tender, intelligent, and highly accomplished in the arts. Rams can often be shy, pessimistic, and puzzled about life. They are wise and well-mannered, but can sometimes be lazy. Although occasionally moody, they are loving, polite and clever. They deal with business cautiously and try to be economical. The female goat is often impractical, but has a gentle nature and is a wonderful mother. The male goat is softhearted and enjoys spending time with his children. Material goods are not of great importance to them and they tend to have a wide romantic streak during life.
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 16(16)
Right Brain Dominance: 16(16)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

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