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More about me…

I am a lover of all things good to my senses, good to my eyes, my ears, my hands, tastebuds 🙂  I have included some of my most basic favorite things for anyone who is interested….

First of all I love love  sweets and Im not proud of it… I got it from my momma:)  At the top of the list is Chocolate.  I love dark chocolate, not a big fan of white chocolate, too sweet.  Some favorites that come to mind are chocolate covered strawberries, almonds, pretzels, raisins, apples, there are soo many things to cover in chocolate!  I like Dove and Ghiradelli most.  My favorite cookie is the classic chocolate chip.  It is hard to choose a favorite ice cream but I love chocolate malted crunch which is thrifty ice cream, and good ole rocky road.

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Im obsessed with frozen yogurt!  Golden Spoon or Pink Berry will do just fine… I switch up the flavors but I often top em off with almonds, granola, strawberries, captain crunch or almond roca if Im feeling really out of control:0

Nowadays I try to quench my sweet tooth with a yummy smoothie.   I usually make a spinach, kale, banana, strawberry, blueberry, with a little almond milk or OJ and water.  I like to add some oatmeal or chia seeds too sometimes.  Drinking these and making them for my son insures we are getting some fruits and veggies in.

Enough about sweets!!!!!!!

I love flowers, I wish they didn’t die so fast and for that reason my favorite flower is an Orchid, all of them are beautiful but I’d have to say the phaleanopsis is my favorite, they are so beautiful, they come in so many varieties and colors, they aren’t like flowers that die in a week, they last months and then come right back the next year!!! Love em. Had lots of them in my wedding, even in my hair.

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My favorite color used to be green, but lately I love Mustard and Ox Blood Red!

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I love Decorating, I am a little bit modern, a little bit classic, a little bit vintage, mixed with a little bit bohemian.  I can spend way too much time on pinterest!

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I am a mac user, I love my imac, my ipad, my apple tv, and my iphone, I will probably never go back, it’s hard especially when all of your devices are the same, I couldn’t break them up 🙂  I would love to add a macbook to my collection one day 🙂

My jewelry.  nicolenjolijewelry started in 1999 when my mom signed me up for a jewelry making class.  She knew I would be into it and be good at it, I was right out of high school, why not!  After the class my mom invested in getting me supplies, and I have made tons of original pieces since then, never exactly the same.  I hope to spend more time making some new pieces soon.

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Margarita’s Fashions.  This is my grandmothers boutique that I pretty much grew up in, and still am  🙂  My grandmother started the business in her garage and soon needed to open a store, which she did in 1980.  In 1995 she relocated to a much bigger and better building in Whittier where we have been ever since.  This is like my 2nd home, I help to keep it up, I like to invite people over, spend tons of time there, feel totally comfortable and free there, family is always in and out, I get to see my grandmother and mom there, I would be very sad to not have it around, it has been around my whole life.

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I love me some good music!  I am a child of the 80’s and love music that was popular before I was born…Off the top of my head some of my favorites are: Sade, Maxwell, Stevie Wonder, Robin Thicke, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, Ella, Billie, Sarah, Alicia, Musiq, Greggory Isaacs, Marvin Gaye, Mariah, Beyonce, I guess it is safe to say I like soul music, I like lots of music but these were the ones that came right to me, I love music that moves you both physically and emotionally, that makes you feel something, that takes you back, that makes you think of someone special or a special time, music is so powerful, I secretly wish I was a musician… to create something beautiful for others to love as much as you do… I am happy to do anything that allows me to do this.  Photography is one way I that I can…

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I love candles… I love perfume and cologne too, my favorite perfumes right now are Marc Jacobs OH LOLA!  It is sweet and soft and not too strong.  I also love Gucci Flora for something a little stronger, and Coco Chanel for everyday.

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