Came home to a bird in the house…

I took this pic a few weeks ago….this nest is in our backyard and is built every year.  These birds were there one minute and gone the next just like that…Empty nest.  There were about 4 or 5 of them in there, its so crazy how they do all of this.  Now the birds are back, we think they are the same birds, I don’t know but a new bird is about to lay some more eggs….Its a popular spot. Up close this is kind of a gross picture but I love it- we are thinking we are going to get a little birdhouse for the birds so they have a better nest to come to…plus it’s kind of messy, all the twigs end up all over the patio.  Yesterday when I came home there was a bird in the house! I think it came in through the doggie door- it was trapped, luckily it flew out the door and was unharmed.  We saved the bird!



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