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I heart desserts

This week the I heart challenge is I heart desserts…. In the previous post you may or may not have read about my creative A.D.D….. well cake decorating is one of those things I had to learn how to do…..I like baking but I love decorating!  I try to take photos of all of my cakes and cupcakes but these are appropriate because of the heart…. for I heart desserts.  These are making me want to bake some cupcakes right now!  I love dessert……….and who doesn’t love a  cupcake?

Dramatic B&W

Dramatic Black and White photo challenge.  I decided to go ahead and participate in my first i heart faces entry.  The challenge  is a dramatic black and white and the rules say you have to use a human face in every challenge.  I thought this was a good black and white that shows miss Chantels serious side from our Easter shoot last week:)  This one doesn’t say Easter at all, it is saying I’m the photo to use for the I (heart)  faces challenge:).