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Los Angeles Maternity photography F.A.Q.’s | Nicolenjoli Photography

When Should I book my maternity session: This lovely mother to be contacted me about capturing her baby bump.  She is about 29-30 weeks in these photos.  Many new moms are unsure about when the best time is to schedule their maternity session.  I always advise that it mostly depends on how a mom feels, how do you want to look in the photos, do you want to have a cute little bump or do you want to be as big as your gonna get.  Some women show signs of pregnancy in their face, some don’t, some are really exhausted and uncomfortable and some are full of energy.  I say anytime between 28-36/37 weeks is great, I just asks that your bump is obvious and undoubtedly showing and that you are feeling up to it and about the size you are wanting to be in your photos.

2016-03-16_0002.jpgWhat time is best:  For outdoor sessions if we shoot too early often times the sun is harsh and if it’s right above us it will leave you squinting and may give unflattering shadows on your face.  When the sun starts to set is a good time to get that pretty golden light.  Depending on which session you go with I like to meet about 60-90 minutes before sunset.  Can we do it sooner you ask,  of course… there is always shade and beautiful photos can be taken in full sun too.

2016-03-16_0003.jpgWhat to Wear: She really was glowing, her dress was beautiful and she shared it wasn’t even a maternity dress.  Outfits are always another concern for mothers looking to book their maternity session.  I have gowns you are welcome to wear, you are welcome to wear your own as well and if you want my opinion I am happy to give it.  I have had clients send me photos and ask me my opinion on their options.  I prefer long, and I like something either flowy or fitted to show off your new figure that will soon be gone.  For your partner I say keep it simple, nothing that clashes with your outfit and nothing too busy or bold in color.

2016-03-16_0004.jpgHair and Make Up:  I think this is an important part of the photo session, we want you to feel your best, with your hair done and make up fresh, it not only accentuates your natural beauty and glow but it makes you feel great which comes through in your photos as well.  If you are a pro at styling your own hair and doing your make up that is one less thing for you to worry about, if you aren’t I can set you up with a professional that I work with who can come to you and make it easy and fun.

2016-03-16_0005.jpgPosing:  Some clients are worried that they wont know what to do in front of the camera, some people have never done photos like this before and are nervous.  It is part of my job to put you at ease, assure you that you look great and give you direction so that all you have to do is follow along and look pretty.

2016-03-16_0006.jpgOther helpful tips:  Make sure you are well rested and that you don’t arrive starving.  A typical session can last anywhere from 40-90 minutes, weather can be less than perfect and there is always a little walking involved.  Make sure to hydrate and bring a snack incase baby gets hungry.  A sweater is a good idea incase it gets cool out as it always does here in Southern California.  Most moms wear Sandals or flats and that works fine,  comfort is important.

2016-03-16_0009.jpgWhere:  The location of your session depends on what your vision is.  Do you want an indoor style that is done in studio?  Are you more drawn to outdoor, naturally lit images?  Do you want a rustic woodsy feel like this mommy, maybe beach photos, or a boudoir maternity session.  When you contact me I send you a questionnaire so that I get a better idea of what you like and we discuss.  I have many beautiful locations I like to shoot at and I do my best to go toward the direction of wherever my clients are coming from.  I travel up to 30 miles round trip and anywhere further requires an added traveling fee.

2016-03-16_0008.jpgEnjoy: Your life is about to changed forever!  We are documenting this special moment before you meet the love of your life, try to relax, be in the moment, and celebrate your belly… it will soon be gone and trust me you will miss it.  At least I did. Its replacement is pretty amazing though.

2016-03-16_0007.jpgInterested in Booking:  I advise you to book your maternity session at least a few months before your due date.   I offer a couple of packages that book your maternity and newborn sessions together.  If you are interested and want to find out more click here to see the packages I offer and then Contact us so we can get you booked!


Outdoor Maternity Photography Session | Anaheim Hills CA

This lovely mother to be requested this beautiful lacey gown and I was happy to find it and order it , she looks stunning and I loved these images.  Our first stop was here at this cactus… I had walked around a bit before she arrived and I knew I wanted to use it as a backdrop.  Mom wasn’t that thrilled with it saying she doesn’t really like cactus, let’s be honest they are prickly and can be weird looking so I can’t say I blame her.  She let me do my thing and we both ended up loving the images.  The contrast of the harsh and her being the soft works great and she looks all the more beautiful.


2016-03-04_0003.jpgI can’t tell you how much I love to pose these new moms in the prettiest spot with the prettiest light and capture their beauty at that very moment in time for them to share with their baby one day.  It really is my pleasure and I love it.





They booked the Belly to Baby bundle so I will be meeting their little one really soon and I look forward to it.  If you would like more information about booking your maternity and newborn sessions click here.

Motherhood Sessions | Maternity, Newborn, Child photography Orange County CA

I have been wanting to do Motherhood mini sessions, I love this for me and my children and I love the idea of photographing mothers and their children.  Children can be in your belly still, newborns, babies, toddlers, let’s be honest they are always our babies right?  So if you have a tween or teen or full grown adult … everyone is welcome to capture the special bond you share with your child. Grandmas are welcome too!

I am going to be announcing a few dates soon to take place in the weeks leading up to Mothers Day with a couple different packages that will be offered.  In the meantime… Today is Valentine’s Day and I thought it was a great day to spread some love and post a Giveaway for one of these Motherhood sessions.

If you would like to go ahead and book your Motherhood Session please email me at and we will include a complimentary image for booking before 04-01-16!

motherhood mini sessions in orange county ca. by nicolenjoli photography

You Can Enter a few different ways:

*Comment here on the blog telling me about your children, how many, genders, ages…

*LIKE my IG page:   Comment with info. of your babies, even if they aren’t babies anymore 🙂 Tag friends who you think would love a motherhood session, Repost image for an extra chance to win.

*LIKE my FB page:  LIKE the post, Comment, Tag, and Share for an extra entry.

*Every comment, Tag, Repost, and Share will count as an entry, we will announce a winner picked at random Sunday 2-21-16.

(Please note: winning session will take place before March 15th and it will be at a location somewhere in North Orange County. )

Did you see the image of the Momma who won my last Giveaway? Isn’t she lovely!

maternity photography orange coutny ca




Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Family Photography | Orange County CA | Referral Program

Just a reminder that if you refer my services to your friends/ family and they book a session with us, you will receive $50 to use toward product or your next session! Your friend or family member who books will also receive a complimentary 8×10! You can earn as many $50 credits to use as you want and you can use them all at once if you wish! I appreciate all of my clients, your satisfaction and experience is very important and the best compliment is when someone shares my business. I want to thank you for sharing my name! If you would like some of these 4×6 cards to share with your friends just let me know and I will send you some.

Newborn photography orange county ca