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Aubrey’s First Birthday|Covina family photographer

This little cutie is Aubrey, She just celebrated her very first birthday party and I was there to capture all the details.  Aubrey is adored by her family and her mother went all out in preparing a special day for her daughter.  Someone commented that she looks like a brunette Shirley Temple and I thought that was so perfect.  She is such a doll, so of course her birthday outfit had to be perfect and the rest of the decor complimented her.


As soon as you come to the door, this cute balloon wreath was hung, I have never seen one of these before, such a cute idea!


Her little halter dress is too cute!

Aubrey and her mom…

Blowing out her birthday candle, she had her own little personal cake.









My Boy


I have been so busy loving my baby boy that I have yet to write about what life is now like with him here.  It really is amazing, I love him so much!  I try to journal in a special book about all of the daily things and all of his “firsts” not to mention the baby book.  It’s hard to blog it too! Life has definitely changed, I am a different person- I am a “mother” and that is kinda weird to say- but it’s true, and I think it is the most important job I will ever have.  Everyday he grows a little bit more, does things a little bit different, and tries something new, it’s all new and it is happening so fast.  I try to be in each moment and really soak it all up.  I am so blessed to be able to stay home with him, I may not be able to buy and shop like I used to but it is soo worth it- I wouldn’t trade this time I have with him for anything.  This time I have to spend each day, just me and my boy, it’s priceless and I cherish it.  I can’t imagine leaving this up to someone else to do for me- I applaud woman who do, who have to, some chose to, but for me I know I would be a wreck, so I really am thankful for this time.

He was probably 2 or 3 weeks here, I swear the day he was born he was holding his head up like this! This kid is super strong! He used to kick and punch me like crazy and now I see why- he was squished up in there, he has the longest arms and legs!

Jacob turned 5 months on Aug. 22nd.  Technically he is 23 weeks tomorrow- almost 24 which you might think equals 6 months but no- we count months now- I still count the weeks to myself though 🙂  The past couple of weeks have been so fun with him, he has started to be playful and silly, he grabs for everything, is pretty good at holding his bottle, reaches for us which is the cutest!  I am starting to see more little personality traits and it is so crazy just thinking how at this time just last year I was only a few weeks pregnant, we were still keeping it to ourselves!  Now here we are with a beautiful bouncy baby boy!  He is the center of any family get together, he is the first grandson for my parents and Jasons parents, and the first baby in a long time so he always draws a crowd and just gets passed around, everyone wants to hold him.

Here he is my big boy- 5 mo. picture… A-DOR-A-BLE!  I tell my friends who don’t really want kids and don’t really get it that I highly recommend it, once they are ready it is a must!  It is such a wonderful feeling, it’s something you just have to experience for yourself, nothing compares to it.

Chantel is 6!! | Whittier child photographer

Chantel is one of the cutest little ladies I know.  She has recently turned 6 years old and in celebration she had a Hello Kitty themed birthday party.  So of course we had to take photos of her in her Hello Kitty tutu outfit.  Oh to be 6 again… what a great age!  Her parents went all out to give her a special 6th birthday that she will always remember.  And what better way to help us remember than to take photos of her in her favorite birthday outfit!

3-22-11 My Baby Boy was born!!

Wow 2 months has gone by so fast and I figure I better write about my labor and delivery before it isn’t fresh in my mind anymore.  I think it will be nice for my son to read one day,  just what his mommy went through to bring him into the world.

Here he is Jacob…..

This first part may be a little TMI for some…..My due date was Sat. March 26th, I had my 39 week appt. that monday.  I woke up monday morning at 6:30 a.m. and felt a little “gush” of liquid come out of me.  I was waiting for the big gush you see in movies- it didn’t happen.  I went to the bathroom and to my surprise, nothing.  As I got up a trickle of liquid did come out and I noticed a very light tinge of color.  This was puzzling to me because, was this my water breaking?  Was this the “bloody show” I read about?  Was it my mucous plug? Or was it nothing?  So I called my mom who has 5 kids… she didn’t quite know either so I decided to lay back down for a bit, take a shower and then I called the Dr.s office around 9:30.  I was told to come in to my appt. and they would figure out what was going on.  My appt. was at 11:30 and the Dr. did a test that would determine if the liquid meant I was losing my amniotic fluid.  Test was inconclusive, the little swab didn’t change color but the Dr. wanted to be sure so he sent me to the hospital where they would do some other tests.  I was to be there at 2:00, so we went home, ate, and I fell asleep on the couch watching one of my labor shows…. it was an episode with a big woman who was having a hard time and had to be given a c section which made her very upset.  Jason woke me up and we drove to the hospital with my bag, and the cameras in tow just in case.  I didn’t think I was going to stay but we were prepared incase.

We arrived and right away they hooked me up to an ultrasound machine, baby was doing great.  The nurse did the same test and this time the test strip changed color which meant that my water bag was leaking.  Dr. had her admit me.  By 4:00 we were in our own room where I would deliver my baby, it was really nice and big.  Soon my mom arrived and I was dissapointed to learn that only she and Jason would be allowed in the room until the baby was here.  I didn’t want to call any family just yet because I was only 1 cm. dialated.  Right away they started me on pitocin, the nurse said I was contracting but I didn’t really feel them yet….. well a few hours in I was feeling them and they were getting worse by the hour.  They were pumping fluid into me since I was losing it slowly, it would gush out everytime I got up to pee…. this was so uncomfortable!  It wasn’t a sprinke it was like I had a full bladder and pee’d all over!  It wasn’t pee, but still gross.  I was up the whoooole night having contractions, they felt like horrible horrible mentrual cramps, I was just watching the clock and breathing through the 40 second contractions, I would have about 2 or 3 minutes of relief and then I would start to count and breath again, Jason was snoring next to me.  At about 5 a.m. the nurse came in and I took her up on her offer of medication, it allowed me to sleep until about 7:30 and back to the pains.  By noon I was almost in tears with the pain, luckily she checked me and I was only opened to a 3 but that was enough for the epidural.

I thought I was about to get some relief and continue to wait for my cervix to open but the nurse came back in and let me know that because the baby was in distress with my contractions, his heart rate was slowing down with them, she called the Dr. and he said I would have to have a C section scheduled for 2:00.  What?  I was very shocked by this, I was disappointed that what I had imagined in my mind wasn’t going to happen.  I was sad that I wouldn’t experience the feeling of seeing my baby come out of me and be placed in my arms first, I wouldn’t feel that sense of accomplishment and bond instantly with my baby.  I cried for about 5 minutes, my mom made me feel better by reminding me that it was for the babies health and then all of my selfish feelings went away and I was prepared to have my surgery.  Not before they tortured me one last time by trying to put in a catheter- OMG this was the worst part of the whole experience for me!! They tried but failed because I was so tensed up they had to wait until I was numb- which I suggested they do in the first place but, no, she had to torture me.  So off I went they did the spinal to numb me, no biggie.  The big blue curtain went up infront of my face, I knew exactly what to expect as I had been watching so many pregnancy/ delivery shows.  Jason was by my side, I told him not to watch but to my surprise he took a few peaks at what was going on and he didn’t flinch.  It felt like 5 minutes later they were telling me I would feel pressure and I did, the next thing I knew I heard “big baby” and I had to hurry Jason to get the camera going!  It was soooo fast!  He was born at 2:32 p.m. on Tuesday March 22nd.

A few seconds went by without any crying and of course I had to ask “why isn’t he crying” and before I could get an answer I heard the most beautiful sound ever, my baby boy let out a gurgly cry!! Jason was saying he looked like me…. I asked if he was getting it on camera- in case he wasn’t- I had to make sure I had it on camera for myself to see later…. he said he was.  They announced he weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce and was 21 inches long!  They brought him to me and I looked at him for about 10 seconds in amazement and then I threw up and before I could say anything he was whisked away to the nursery!! I was bummed that I didn’t even get to kiss him 🙁 I woke  up drowsy and shivering in a recovery room with one nurse who said I had to recover before I went to my room.  I was feeling pretty sorry for myself that I wasn’t with my baby at that moment but I just had to remind myself how blessed I was to have a healthy baby.  After about an hour I was wheeled to my room where my mom was waiting for me.  The baby came to join us short after and then slowly everyone came in to meet him.  I was so in love with him, I couldn’t believe how big he was and wondered how he fit inside my belly.

I heard after from one of our friends how crazy the waiting room was, he said all the grandmas went crazy when they brought the baby out and they saw him through the glass 🙂  I counted 23 people who came for Jacobs arrival!! My crazy family!  The nurse made a joke to Jason that he didn’t know he was going to be on T.M.Z. when he brought the baby out… because of all the camera flashes 🙂  I wish I had thought to tell someone to video record that moment when they first saw him!  I would have thought of it but I wasn’t there 🙁  I was recovering- so it would have been great to witness their reactions.  I can only imagine 🙂

We named him Jacob Jason after his daddy.  He was so beautiful and of course I think so because I’m his mom but everyone said that, he wasn’t ugly like some newborns.  My aunt even named him “perfecto”.  He also didn’t look like a newborn in that he was nice and clean looking, big and alert- he was holding his head up already!!  Now I know what I had always wondered even of my own mother- why women would want so many kids… It is an indescribably magical feeling to be pregnant and give life and then take your baby home, the love is like nothing else.  I sometimes just cry out of love for him when I am looking at him.  I now see everything differently, especially other mothers- now I too can relate to them, not just to being the child, I realize how much love parents have and that is why they do some of the things they do.

In a way I feel like my life has just begun.  A new chapter, the biggest job I will ever do is raise my child.  I hope and pray that I do a great job, I promise to always do my very best for him, I will love him unconditionally and cherish every moment I have with him.  He is 8 weeks and 3 days old now and swinging right next to me as I write this… perfection!  He is already growing so much, he weighed in on Tuesday at 12 pounds 8 ounces and is 23.75 inches long!  He got 3 of his vaccines which I hated to give to him, he cried and turned redder than I’ve ever seen before but then he calmed down and continued to drink his milk.  He is smiling right at us now, with a big bright smile, it sends so much joy through me, and he is now making those musical baby noises and those just melt my heart!  Even as I wake up tired and cranky sometimes from lack of sleep as soon as I see him I am full of happiness and ready to do whatever he needs.  Right now my favorite thing is when we snuggle.  In the early morning after his first feeding usually around 6 a.m. I feed him, change him, and wrap him back up and prop him snug right next to me on a pillow or right on my chest and we go back to sleep together until his next feeding.  He loves taking a bath and knows every single move you make when your holding him.  He eats like a champ and doesn’t like to nap like most babies.  Jacob is nosy and likes to check everything out, always kicking and punching away like he did when he was in my belly.  He looks like me sometimes and then he looks like his daddy sometimes.

I am so lucky to have him, I love love love every inch of him and am just amazed by him.  What a true blessing to be given this pure and perfect little angel!