Ooh Puppy

Yesturday was Valentines day it was a beautiful day, we didn’t do much, we thought we would do something today instead so that things wouldn’t be so crowded.  So yesturday I took doggy photos for the owner of Ooh Puppy … The owner of the place where I take my dogs to get groomed, she invites her customers to come in on holidays to take a photo, then she gives you  a print the next time you come in.  So when they were telling me to bring the dogs in for Valentines Photos, I asked who takes the photos, they hired some random photographer, I told her I could take the photos and she was all for it since I’m a loyal customer:)

Ooh puppy is right by my house, it’s really cute and clean, they sell tons of accessories for your dog, and really care for them.  I reeally had a blast with the dogs, and their owners, everyone was so nice.  I did get pee’d on which was gross but what are you gonna do, my dogs get really excited and pee sometimes too…

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day…




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