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Dramatic B&W

Dramatic Black and White photo challenge.  I decided to go ahead and participate in my first i heart faces entry.  The challenge  is a dramatic black and white and the rules say you have to use a human face in every challenge.  I thought this was a good black and white that shows miss Chantels serious side from our Easter shoot last week:)  This one doesn’t say Easter at all, it is saying I’m the photo to use for the I (heart)  faces challenge:).

Spring is in the air…

Here is my little old camera… and some facts about it.

  • Produced 1950-54 (Dec. 1952) Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY USA
  • Film type 620 rollfilm
  • Picture size 6×6
  • Weight 1lb, 1.4oz (493.3g)
  • Lens Kodar 72mm 1:8
  • Focal range 3.5′ to infinity
  • Shutter simple spring w/sliding aperture disc (f8, f11, f16)
  • Shutter speeds Instant, about 1/30 plus ‘B’
  • Viewfinder mirror reflector
  • Exposure meter none
  • Double-exposure lock
  • These are the first shots I took with my 50mm…

    I’m really happy I got the 50mm, It’s fun!

    Spring is in the air and Easter is fast approaching, My little friend, Chantel, who was my flowergirl in my wedding needed her annual Easter photos for the card her parents send out.  How cute is she with her little dress, stockings, patten leather shoes, and matching coat?  This girl is no stranger to the camera, she was on point and loving it.  She is growing up so fast, I had fun photographing her, and she had fun pelting her daddy with plastic easter eggs.

    I really like this one….It really brings out her real smile:)

    This one is Chantel and her doggy, “princess”.  A fun fact about Princess is that she is my dog “Lima’s” sister, from a different litter… Princess is older and much smaller but believe it or not they are from the same parents…

    Putting these photos into my computer and going through them I was able to play with a few of them in photoshop and then it started saying it couldnt do what I wanted it to because “the scratch disc is full” Oh how I hate my old computer and old version of elements I have!  I can’t wait to be able to really experiment with my pictures… download actions, and textures, I must get a new computer soon! One day………………….