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And the next Chapter begins…

Here we are in Maui on our honeymoon, living it up… one year ago…excited to start our journey as husband and wife…..I know Jason is concentrating on taking the photo…we probably took 3 before this one 🙂  By about the 3rd try his smile starts to fade 🙂  But the important part is that I like myself in the photo 🙂  Wow this picture brings back great memories!

If you have been wondering why I have seemed a little different, absent maybe, I have a good excuse.  I am excited to announce to the world- that Jason and I are going to be….. guess….yup you probably guessed it- we are having a baby!!!  I have been keeping this in because I wanted to wait to be at least 3 months, which I am now about 13 weeks.  My family can’t hold it in anymore so I decided this was a good way to tell any friends or family that don’t know.

This experience has taken quite a toll- I have been a totally different person- for starters I have no energy- I could nap all day, I also have no appetite, I actually lost a couple pounds, I am really thankful I don’t have morning sickness but I do however feel queasy much of the day and have developed a burping problem.  My back aches towards the end of everyday, I can be cranky and I think it’s just because I am frustrated that I don’t feel like me.

Towards the end of July I had been feeling weird, I had a headache for a week straight, I was sleepy, and had some strange sensations in my bubbies 🙂 But I was confident that my monthly would come before the end of the month.  My mom and sister weren’t as confident, they were hoping I was wrong… so about the 29th my sister decided for fun to go down the street and spend 99 cents on a test….. of course when I took it and it looked inconclusive, my mother said it was positive and I had to go straight to target to buy a real test, we all came back to my house and sure enough it was a big blue + sign!  Whuuuuuut? I was pretty surprised.

Months ago Jason and I discussed that we might try after our one year anniversary which was June 5th, then we decided maybe we would try for a summer baby and start in the fall, around October… So although we weren’t really trying, it was the original plan we had and it is meant to be 🙂

Due date is March 26th, we had our first ultrasound last week, it was an amazing experience to hear the heartbeat, it was so fast- and to see the baby floating around as if in space, the ultrasound tech was laughing becuase of how much it was moving around, arms and legs and all! Already!  It is really unbelievable, but seeing the baby in the monitor made it a bit more of a reality to me, the feelings it brought up were feelings of joy and assurance, like okay this is realllly happening, we have a little baby growing inside of me and I have 6 months until it comes out and changes my world forever!  We are super happy and excited, we feel like it is our time to start our little family, so here we go!!! Jason has never changed a diaper in his life!!! I on the other hand, being the oldest have changed tons of them, but still this is an experience like no other, we are excited and blessed!

I am already a third of the way there!!! Wow, it is going to be quite a ride…wish us luck on our journey to parenthood, the next chapter in our lives….

Here is the first photo of millions I’m sure I will take…..This is the 3D shot- no bigger than a large lime when it was taken.