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Baby Dominick…

Hello! So this is my third post and I have yet to tell anyone about this… haha- I swear it isnt just my diary.  I am generally a private person, I am the observer, the listener, I don’t need alot of attention on myself.  The funny thing is that many of my friends are the type that do like attention, loud, funny, I am attracted to these kind of people, pure entertainment! 

 Lets talk about the pictures I’m about to post, my next model, Dominick.  This was Dominicks very first photo shoot he’s new to modeling, new to the world…he was just born in November to one of my dearest and oldest friends, Brent and his girlfriend Laura.  This was the first time I met baby Dominick and it was surreal to see Brent with his new son.  Let me just say in high school Brent was my partner in crime, I have a lot of fun memories with him, he’s hilarious and makes me laugh like nobody’s business, needless to say with our lives changing we dont get to hang out often but I know we will always be friends…One day our kids will cause a rukous together like we did:)