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For all the Mommies | Orange County CA Maternity Photographer

In honor of reaching over 400 likes on facebook, I would like to spread the love and give some back! I would like to gift a session to a mommy!  I loved being pregnant and so maybe if I photograph a pregnant woman or a brand new baby I will get my fix… much easier this way.

maternity pregancy photo

Maternity, Birth, or Newborn Session!

So… do you know someone who is nearing the end of her pregnancy?  I would like to extend this offer to all the mommas with big bellies out there, Due in April, May, June, or July… You need to have at least a bump.  I will gift a free session and some digital files of the session to one lucky mommy!

OR this could be used for BIRTH photos, yes I said BIRTH photos, as in I want to be there in your hospital room while you push your baby out into the world!  I have been really wanting to do this, I did have a chance to but had a bit of a cold and couldn’t risk it, I would never want anyone with even a sniffle near my newborn baby.

I know some people may think it’s unusual but I WISH I would have had my baby girls VBAC delivery captured by someone other than my husband, no offense to him, while he was experiencing the birth of his child as well, he did a great job but someone who really knows photography and birth could have taken the photos to the next level.  It was an amazing birth that I was really proud of. Every birth is special and while everyone has grandma there with the camera, why not be sure your going to have that happiest moment of your life photographed beautifully.  Not having all your “business” documented in video by grandma if you know what I mean… (thanks mom)  Of course I know what it’s like and would be like a fly on the wall, there at the end when the action happens and for the first moments of babies life out of the womb meeting mom and dad for the first time.  It is such a beautiful amazing time, truly like nothing else.

OR… If your new baby will be born after March we can photograph your newborn bundle of joy!

Here’s the deal:

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Easy as 123- LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE.

I will end it on my baby girls BIRTH day… March 29th.  I think it’s the fact that she is turning One that I am feeling like celebrating mothers and births and babies!  I can’t believe it’s been a year, she is our little Pincess!! Truly the sweetest baby ever that sleeps and sleeps and sleeps, always happy, what more could I ask for?

Here she is our lil pincess Maya @ 7 days new…

mother and baby