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Our first kid…..Lima

I should be asleep- I was up waiting for my stomach to feel settled enough to lay down… As I was about ready to go to bed, my poor little Lima who was keeping me company started to do his cough/gag thing he does and I was compelled to write about him.  You see, this dog is more than just our pet he is our family- we LOVE him and have been through a lot with him.  About 7 years ago our friends were selling Yorkies and of course I had to have one.  When we went to check them out I knew I wanted a female but this little male was soo playful and trying to get our attention, as if he was saying take me home- plus he was really cute in the face.  He did spit up a few times but I thought nothing of it and we took him home.  I realized shortly after that he was not keeping his food down and when I took him to the vet, the vet gave him something he was allergic to that made him throw up even worse, he was already teeny tiny to begin with and now he wasnt eating, and violently throwing up- I didn’t know what to do- I was crying and so upset watching this and not knowing what to do, should I exchange him for a healthy dog?  Should we try to nurse him to health?  Well thats what we did- we spoiled him and I smushed up his dog food for a while and he grew to be one of the biggest yorkies you’ll ever meet.

Lima was named after the late Jose Lima who was playing for the Dodgers at the time, he had a great personality that we thought matched our puppy.  Soooo over the years Lima developed a condition called a collapsed trachea which is common in his breed, it means that his little airway tube is literally shut in a certain area.  This causes him to make a little piggy noise when he gets excited because the air is being forced through his airway.  It makes me soo sad to think that we might have contributed to this by not always using a harness- he has sooo much energy and loves to walk but I hate to take him because hes so excited that he makes that sound the whole time which makes me feel like it’s just getting worse.  It can get worse, it can be fatal, so I try to keep him calm and happy.

With a human baby on the way I know that they will get along great.  I wonder if he senses the baby inside my stomach??? I promise that I will not leave Lima out in the dust.  He has made me laugh and cry, he lays in bed with me when I’m sick, he waits outside the bathroom door when I’m in there, he lays in the kitchen and watches me cook and wash dishes, he lays under my desk and sleeps when I’m on the computer,  he is always always happy to see me, although he can be a brat sometimes I love him!  And if you know him you know you love him too- he really is an awesome dog.