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Brian & Mercy are Married!!

Brian and Mercy are a young couple who are so in love and got married on August 28th, 2010.  I had the pleasure of documenting their big day for them.  Two of the nicest people to work for, their families were amazing as well.  The happy couple planned and prepared for their big day with much of the responsibilities on themselves, they had a beautiful wedding day.  Above is Mercy’s gorgeous wedding gown that fit her like a glove.  Below are all of the other accessories the bride wore down the aisle.  She made a stunning bride.

Bride and Groom pose for a shot at a location that was special to them…

I love the charm attached to Mercy’s bouquet to remember her grandmother, and have her there with her on her special day.

These fans were a favor for each guest to use during the ceremony.

They had a lovely outdoor ceremony, the weather was perfect, everything went as planned, and it was a touching moment…

The bling bling….

The cake topper was too cute, and really complimented the rest of the decor.


Brian and Mercy share their first dance as husband and wife.  May they have a healthy and happy life together!

Bring it on!!

This week I attended my third shootout, which I will blog about later, but that is where these photos were taken.  Those are my rings along with another attendees’… I really like these and they tie into my topic of discussion.  Tomorrow will be my first official 2nd shooting experience!  Teale is the photographer and I will be her 2nd.  The wedding is somewhere in Blaboa Park so it should be beautiful.

Am I nervous?? No, more excited and ready to shoot!!  I feel really good about it, it is the first 2nd shooting wedding of 4 I have coming up!  Not to mention that I booked my very own wedding!!! Yes, I know I didn’t share it but it will take place in about 4 weeks!  Im super excited and am hoping that I am going to learn a lot and gain a ton of experience, I know I am.  So much has happened in such a short time, I just got my camera in January, I didn’t think I’d book a wedding 6 months later but I am not going to shy away from it, I welcome the challenge and am going to throw myself in there!  Don’t worry I have an excellent 2nd shooter lined up for myself 🙂  I’ll tell you about him later.

Also in recent news I just bought a 40D… Should be on it’s way to me now…I was going back and fourth with the 5D and since I am sooo indecisive I took the advice of a FB friend which was that it will make a great backup eventually and it is only 1/2 the cost of the 5D, which makes a lot of sense for me right now.  It does a lot that my xsi can’t quite do and I won’t feel ridiculous at my upcoming weddings shooting with the same camera as everyone attending 🙂  Feeling good, getting more interest in portrait sessions and I plan on just doing what I’m doing,  This is all fun for me!

The Salas Wedding

Saturday May 29th David and Michelle had their big wedding on their one year anniversary.  One year ago they were married by the court and spent the next year planning their wedding.  It was a sunny day, not too hot, not too cold, all of their family and friends gathered to share a very special day with them.

I love these flower pillows that the ring bearers held…

Beautiful arrangements…

The mariachis were great…

The groom and his mother…

These red arrangements had some of my favorite flowers in them including dahlias and ranunculus…

Mr. and Mrs. Salas…

Spring is in the air…

Here is my little old camera… and some facts about it.

  • Produced 1950-54 (Dec. 1952) Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY USA
  • Film type 620 rollfilm
  • Picture size 6×6
  • Weight 1lb, 1.4oz (493.3g)
  • Lens Kodar 72mm 1:8
  • Focal range 3.5′ to infinity
  • Shutter simple spring w/sliding aperture disc (f8, f11, f16)
  • Shutter speeds Instant, about 1/30 plus ‘B’
  • Viewfinder mirror reflector
  • Exposure meter none
  • Double-exposure lock
  • These are the first shots I took with my 50mm…

    I’m really happy I got the 50mm, It’s fun!

    Spring is in the air and Easter is fast approaching, My little friend, Chantel, who was my flowergirl in my wedding needed her annual Easter photos for the card her parents send out.  How cute is she with her little dress, stockings, patten leather shoes, and matching coat?  This girl is no stranger to the camera, she was on point and loving it.  She is growing up so fast, I had fun photographing her, and she had fun pelting her daddy with plastic easter eggs.

    I really like this one….It really brings out her real smile:)

    This one is Chantel and her doggy, “princess”.  A fun fact about Princess is that she is my dog “Lima’s” sister, from a different litter… Princess is older and much smaller but believe it or not they are from the same parents…

    Putting these photos into my computer and going through them I was able to play with a few of them in photoshop and then it started saying it couldnt do what I wanted it to because “the scratch disc is full” Oh how I hate my old computer and old version of elements I have!  I can’t wait to be able to really experiment with my pictures… download actions, and textures, I must get a new computer soon! One day………………….